Congratulations on making it to the final step before becoming an American citizen! Your long immigration journey has now brought you to the naturalization interview and citizenship test. During this process, you’ll undergo a two-part test that assesses your basic understanding of the English language and American civics.  Understanding the English language is an essential… Read More

Every country has its own unique quirks and customs that are unlike anywhere else. In the United States, the climate, culture, and lifestyle can vary from state to state, making every visit to a different state a completely new experience.  Getting to the United States is just one part of your journey. Living in the… Read More

The process of obtaining a visa to enter the US can be lengthy, but it’s also quite rewarding, providing you with new opportunities and new experiences. However, once you enter the United States, you may wish to leave for a family emergency, business, academic purposes, or leisurely travel. If you have plans to return to… Read More