Title 42, a public health order that allowed the US government to expel asylum seekers without processing their claims, expired on May 11, 2023. This means asylum seekers will once again be able to enter the United States and seek asylum at ports of entry. Initially enacted in 1944 to prohibit the spread of cholera… Read More

In the Great Plains region of the United States, typically from Texas to South Dakota, is an area often referred to as Tornado Alley. Oklahoma is located in this stretch of land and is the third-most tornado-prone state in the United States, averaging around 67 twisters yearly.  A tornado is a rapidly rotating column of… Read More

In the United States, a government assistance program is a public benefit program that supports individuals, families, or communities in need. The government typically funds these programs through taxes and other revenue sources. They are designed to address various social and economic issues, such as poverty, unemployment, healthcare, housing, and education. The benefits for immigrants… Read More

While many newcomers base their expectations of living in America on movies, they may be surprised by what they encounter in their daily lives. The United States is rich in diversity, regional differences, cuisine, and customs. Understanding the unique characteristics can help immigrants better understand and integrate into their new communities. 1. America’s diversity The… Read More