The Biden administration has already proven within the first month that many positive policy changes are in store for immigrants. Within days of the inauguration, President Biden enacted several executive orders that promise a different approach to U.S. immigration policies than his predecessor.   Executive orders are mandatory requirements created by the President of the United… Read More

Who’s Who Legal is an independent recommendation service that helps people around the world find reputable, experienced legal counsel. Matthew Stump, who was previously recognized as 2020 WWL “Global Leader,” has now been featured as a 2021 WWL “Thought Leader”: Matthew Stump is a “first-rate lawyer,” described as “switched on and responsive” and “really well… Read More

As an H-1B visa holder, your sponsoring employer has an obligation to the United States government to uphold certain conditions and requirements. If your employer fails to abide by the requirements, it could result in monetary fines and their inability to sponsor future H-1B visa employees.  Federal, state, and local laws protect your right to… Read More

As an international student, once you graduate, significant decisions have to happen quickly to make sure you stay in active visa status. With an F-1 visa, you have 60 days after your graduation date to either transfer your visa, start a new study program or leave the country. We discuss many of your options after… Read More

When you first arrive in the United States, many expectations of its culture, its people, and your new life will already be set in your mind. You will likely have some preconceived stereotypes and cliches about the United States and of Americans. Most often, this is a result of movies, hearsay, and other people’s misconceptions.… Read More

In an increasingly globalized world, international students who attend school in the United States get an early start in forming multi-cultural relationships, gaining new perspectives, developing new ways to innovate and problem-solve, and in becoming future ambassadors.  The experience of attending school in another country also introduces challenges, such as culture shock and homesickness, visa… Read More

Divorce is a complicated matter. A divorce when your immigration status is dependent on your spouse can take complications to a whole new level. While we always recommend consulting with an immigration attorney in any situation that affects your visa status, this article provides an overview of divorce and your current status, permanent residency applications,… Read More

Since you first came to the United States six years ago on an H-1B visa, you have built a new life, survived navigating through a different culture, contributed to your career, and made new friends. Fast-forward to the present, and now your time in the United States is coming to an end because you can… Read More

Living in the United States provides many opportunities to experience life in a new country, meet a variety of people, and develop a new worldview. As an H4 visa holder, there are many benefits to moving to the United States as the dependent spouse of an H1B visa holder, but there are also limitations to… Read More

Living in a new country will expose you to a wide variety of experiences. While many will be positive, some can prove to be confusing. To get ahead of any possible miscommunications or good intentions gone wrong, it’s important to learn about the taboos in your new country. What is considered rude, unacceptable, or socially… Read More