Diversity in the workplace is a popular phrase on LinkedIn and in HR departments—but it’s more than just a buzzword. Employing a diverse workforce benefits businesses in so many ways—products and services can be marketed on a global scale, employee retention rates can be improved, and employees can come from a larger talent base. The… Read More

If you are raising a child in two different cultures, you may feel pressure to ensure your child understands, embraces, and respects your cultural heritage. At the same time, you want them to be well adjusted to their life in the United States, which you have worked so hard to give them. You want the… Read More

Many new residents in the United States work two or more jobs at once to help reach their goals faster. Extra income can help you pay off debts and save up money quickly, and it also provides you with a sense of financial security. There are many resources available for someone motivated to earn multiple… Read More

Ask anyone new to Oklahoma and they will talk about the friendliness of the Oklahoman people. It’s sometimes referred to as the “Oklahoma Standard—a belief system shaped by tragedy that means Oklahomans act in kindness and help their neighbors, without hesitation or expecting anything in return. Beyond individuals, many organizations in Oklahoma City are centered… Read More

Immigration has long been part of American culture—almost all Americans can trace their ancestry back to another country. Thirty-nine percent of American Nobel Prize winners are immigrants and fifty-one percent of billion-dollar startup companies have at least one immigrant founder. And yet, being an immigrant in America comes with stigma. Steven Neuberg, a professor of… Read More

Networking is a great tool that can help you further your career or land a job in the United States, and Oklahoma City offers so many great networking opportunities that will keep you moving forward in your career path. What is networking? Networking is creating relationships and contacts on a professional level with people who… Read More

Oklahoma City has a vibrant multicultural community and hosts many festivals year-round that reflect its diversity. Getting involved in the cultural activities the city has to offer is a fantastic idea for new residents of Oklahoma City. The events always draw a great crowd of family and friends, and encourage cultural diversity. The festivities are… Read More

According to the American Immigration Council, “24 percent of all farmers, fishers, and foresters in Oklahoma are immigrants, as are 16 percent of the state’s construction industry employees.” Immigrants play a vital role in the economy of Oklahoma. They provide labor, pay state and local taxes, and support our communities. But as undocumented immigrants, do… Read More

If your American dream includes owning a business in the United States, then you’re in good company. A study by the Small Business Administration reports that roughly one out of every ten immigrants owns a business in the US. We may be biased, but we believe Oklahoma is the best place in the country for… Read More