The citizenship test is one of the final steps in the long process of becoming a naturalized US citizen. The purpose of this step is to demonstrate your understanding of the English language and your knowledge of the US government and important American events, people, and places.  The citizenship test, sometimes called the naturalization interview,… Read More

The H-1B visa process can be tricky to navigate. Aside from the initial paperwork, interviews, and waiting process involved, it’s not over once you’ve been approved. As an H-1B visa holder, you must maintain good standing during your stay in the US, follow the correct renewal procedures and timelines, and inform USCIS of any changes… Read More

In the United States, October welcomes the fall season with pumpkin decorations and Halloween celebrations while November gives way to the uniquely American tradition of Thanksgiving. Between Halloween and Thanksgiving is a multi-day event with deep-rooted cultural traditions for Hispanic and Latin American communities – Dia de Los Muertos.  Dia de Los Muertos, or Day… Read More

Currently, there are two main ways to immigrate to the United States. The first and more common option is through a family-based visa. The second is through employer sponsorship. An employment-based visa may take less time than a family-based visa. And it may also provide you with access to financial and legal resources through your… Read More

If you are a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident, you can sponsor other family members in their United States immigration. On average, a U.S. citizen sponsors about 3.5 family members, making family-based migration the largest group of new permanent residents each year. Immigration has a long history of being family-centric, but it wasn’t… Read More

When you think about American food, what comes to mind? If you ask Americans, many will say hamburgers, french fries, or anything fried, greasy, and fast. Chef Dan Barber believes that American food culture is a meat culture. Steak, chicken, bacon – if it’s meat, it can be found in an American plate. But what… Read More

T. Douglas Stump, principal attorney of Stump & Associates, has been recognized as 2020 Lawyer of the Year for his work in Immigration Law in Oklahoma City by Best Lawyers®. Only one lawyer per practice area and location can receive this recognition.  Best Lawyers® is the only purely peer-review guide to the legal profession and… Read More

No matter where you are in the world, the smartphone has become an essential part of all of our lives. Your phone can help you feel and stay connected regardless of where your travels take you. And with the right mobile app, your life can feel a little bit more manageable, especially when you’re in… Read More

Moving to a new country opens the door to many new and exciting opportunities. While you’re stepping into the unknown, you’re also developing new perspectives that will change your life. Every aspect of your life will change, and even your daily activities will challenge you. Some days you may question whether or not you’ve made… Read More

Making new friends as an adult is hard. Making new friends as an adult in a new country can be even more challenging. Not only are you trying to form a connection with others that competes with routines, schedules, and other established friendships; there are additional factors like language and cultural differences to consider. But… Read More