Alexandra Engles

Bilingual Legal Assistant

Alexandra is driven not only by a successful outcome for a case but also by reducing the stress involved and empowering her clients with information throughout the process. She finds satisfaction in helping immigrants create new lives for themselves and their families in the US. She takes pride in hearing her clients tell her how easy their immigration case was due to the time she took to explain their case strategy and process. Alexandra enjoys working on all different types of cases, whether that are family-based or employment-based immigration. Every case is different due to the unique details and challenges. She finds an appreciation for the way that immigration law is constantly changing and has a particular interest in removal proceedings and waiver cases. Alexandra thoroughly enjoys the human aspect of an immigration case. She believes that it is rewarding to aid and explain the immigration process to an individual and to help them navigate through the extremely complex system.


University of Oklahoma B.A. of Arts Languages: English and Spanish