Yesenia A. Nazario

Bilingual Legal Assistant

Yesenia takes pride and devotion for each case, helping each client accomplish the almost unreachable American dream. Her immigration background and commitment gives her a deep appreciation for immigration law. Yesenia enjoys her work at Stump & Associates.

Yesenia enjoys meeting new people from different ethnic backgrounds and personalities, as she believes that her character and unique personality allows her to provide the best service to her clients. Yesenia believes, that, you can “Be a somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody.”



Capitol Hill High School 2001-2006

OCCC 2007-2006

OSU-OKC 2018 to Present



Various awards from the Navy Junior Reserves Officers Training Corps (NJROTC)


Professional Associations, Volunteer Work, Clubs:

Rotary Club 2001-2006

NJROTC 2001-2006

Volunteer for FORMULA 2017 to present

Sunbeam Family Services 2017 to present



Spanish & English